Lidija Dokuzovic Trio 

Lidija Dokuzovic and her Malmö based trio release their first album with the title I´ve heard (Čula jesam). It is a compilation of 11 stunningly beautiful folk songs mostly from Croatia. In her unique and emotional journey through the Balkans, she is followed by her 2 favorite musicians: guitarist Allan Skrobe, a Malmöit with Croatian roots who plays Swedish folk music and the double bass player Jesper Nordberg, who has 2 passions: Roma music from Serbia and improvised music. While keeping the old stories and retelling the tradition in new clothes, the trio made a unique combination of Balkan, improvised music, pop and jazz with the influences of Swedish folk.

Lidija Dokuzovic is a singer, vocal coach and choir leader. For more than 20 years, she has been exploring and interpreting Balkan folk music, searching through archives, songbooks and doing field research. She also holds workshops where she transmits her knowledge to others.

She is the founder and vocalist of the

Macedonian/Croatian neo-folk band Afion and the lead singer in the rakija-party band Zykopops. While living in Croatia, Lidija was the conductor of the Serbian and Macedonian minority choirs in Zagreb and a leader of the activist choir Le Zbor, the first LGBTQ choir in the Balkans. After moving to to Sweden Lidija became a member of the free jazz-Balkan band anfTrion and formed her own Lidija Dokuzovic Trio. She is also involved in music shows for children.

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Release date 20220222


Lidija Dokuzovic trio -

I´ve heard - Cula Jesam 


  1. Sivi soko k vili doletio
  2. Vuprem joči vu to nebo visoko
  3. Oj, livado, rosna travo
  4. Ka mi ispadnala moma Katerina
  5. Čula jesam da se dragi ženi
  6. Uchi me majko, karaj me
  7. Oj, golube, moj golube
  8. Zaspo Janko pod jablanom
  9. Maro, Maro, Marica
  10. Komu majka bijeli kolač pečeš?
  11. Snočka mi je dragi pod oblok dohađal

    Lidija Dokuzovic – vocals 

    Allan Skrobe - guitars, mandola

    Jesper Nordberg - double bass

    All arrangements by Lidija Dokuzovic & Allan Skrobe

    Recorded by Allan Skrobe at Beach House Music, Malmo, SE

    Mixed by Allan Skrobe & Lidija Dokuzovic

    Producer: Lidija Dokuzovic & Allan Skrobe

    Master: Fredrik Bengtsson, Kråktjärn Studio

    Executive producer for Gammalthea, Fredrik Bengtsson

    Artwork: Ana Zekic

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    Afion - Afion 2006

    Zykopops! are a deranged trash folk band from Croatia whose slogan “Zykopops …worse than Turbofolk!” is already gaining them notoriety throughout the Balkans. Their punk reworkings of classic and obscure traditional songs from Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia and Hungary combine a heroic disdain for detail with Ramones tempos and Hajduk virtuoso nonsense

    Afion - Cudni svti 2008

    Afion - Treci Bilbil 2020

    The album “Treći bilbil” (The third nightingale) was released on May 4, 2020. The third nightingale stands for all artists who act in the most unpleasant times and therefore put themselves in danger.

    It is a tribute to all the singers who sing in a “wrong dialect” or perform songs from the “wrong side of the border”. The album showcases nine songs mostly from the Pannonian area of Croatia (Medjimurje & Slavonia) and Macedonia.




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    4/5 - Lidija Dokuzovic Trio -  Release concert "I´ve Heard"  - Victoria, Malmö SE


    17/12 - Julkul med världens strul  - Skurup SE

    16/2 - Julkul med världens strul - Lenhovda SE

    15/12 - Julkul med världens strul - Lenhovda SE

    14/2 - Julkul med världens strul - Lenhovda SE

    11/12 - Julkul med världens strul  - Åkarp SE

    9/12 - Julkul med världens strul - Kävlinge SE

    8/12 -  Julkul med världens strul - Kävlinge SE

    4/12 - Julkul med världens strul - Barnens scen, Malmö SE

    2/12 - Concert Anfitrion - Odense DK

    2/12 - Julkul med världens strul - Kävlinge SE

    30/11 - Julkul med världens strul - Kävlinge SE

    19/11 - Julkul med världens strul - Uppvidinge SE

    18/11 - Julkul med världens strul - Uppvidinge SE

    17/11 - Julkul med världens strul - Uppvidinge SE

    29/10 - Lidija Dokuzovic Trio - Bationen, Malmö SE 

    8/10 - AnfiTrion - Odense DK

    23/9 - Afion - Aahlborg DK

    22/9 - Afion - Alice Copenhagen DK

    21/9 - Afion - Godset Kolding DK 

    3/9 - Lidija Dokuzovic Trio - Gallery Tikotin Malmö SE

    22-25/7 - Vocal workshop with Lidija Dokuzovic - Trad In Etno, Pazin HR

    15/7 - Lidija Dokuzovic & Allan Skrobe - MFFestival/Matosevic HR